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Moving Tips

Here's a few tips I've compiled to help you save money, reduce stress and most importantly... keep your movers happy!

  1. Plan Ahead- Have an idea of where you want your furniture placed before moving day. This is especially important with large pieces. You don't want to regret your choice of placement for your 300lb file-cabinet after were gone. A good plan lets you take full advantage of us while we are in your home.

  2. Packing Takes Time- Packing is usually the most stressful aspect of any move. If you start early, you can minimize your moving day stress. Start with the guest room, or things that you know you aren't going to be needing. This will give you a good idea of how long it takes you to pack a room.

  3. Keep the Drawers in- Taking the drawers out of your dresser does make it significantly lighter, but our guys are pretty strong and usually prefer to carry one heavy dresser as opposed to making multiple trips for all the drawers.

  4. When in Doubt, Toss it Out!- When most of us pack, we find lots of things we didn't even realize we owned. Have a yard-sale or donate some things. While we are happy to move that box of macaroni art you made in elementary school, there is no sense paying to move things you don't use.

  5. Leave Pets and Kids With Family or Friends - Some animals become quite stressed when they see the home they've known for years being carried out the front door. When heavy items are being moved about the house, It isn't always a safe environment for small children or pets.

  6. Get Good Deals on Good Boxes - Duffel bags, grocery bags, crates, and old rotten boxes don't provide the protection that good cardboard does. You can often find free used boxes on Craigslist, liquor stores or supermarkets. Avoid storage places for moving supplies. They may have a good selection, but boxes generally run about half as much at Home Depot or Lowes.

  7. Don't Forget to Mention Everything- (even your piano collection) Everyone forgets to list a few small things when they request a quote. If you find you have more items than you originally listed, update us. This helps us determine how long your job will take, what size truck to bring, and how many movers are necessary. The more we know the better we can serve you.

  8. Coordinate With Your New Building- If you are moving between apartments with elevators, be sure to reserve the loading dock and elevator well in advance. They sometimes have strange hours that they allow moves. Reserve early to make sure you get the time and date slot you want.

  9. Mark Boxes With any Special Instructions- We are always careful with all of your belongings, but it is still helpful to know which ones need special care. If things are fragile, need to stay right side up, are antiques, or contain live animals, Let us know!

  10. Make a Necessity Box- Some customers start unpacking immediately, but for bigger moves, you cant expect to finish unpacking in a day. Make a special box or two that have your bedding, toothbrush, phone chargers and other things you will need that night. It is nice to spend the first night without worrying about which box you put the TP in. Lets be honest, some of those boxes you aren't going to unpack until the next time you move!

  11. Bed Bugs- I inspect for bed bugs on every move. We do not move any furniture or bedding if bedbugs are detected. Even though we meticulously treat the trucks for these parasites, it is not worth the risk of spreading them to other customers.